April 18, 2024

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El Paso

El Paso Home Sales
El Paso Home Sales

Accordging to KTSM news, with a Transit Score of 60, South Central has the highest Transit Score in El Paso. This score indicates that there are plenty of transit options in the neighborhood. Within transit distance of the University of Texas at El Paso, South Central is a great neighborhood for students. Close to the Mexican border, and featuring its own individual charm with Chicano artwork throughout the neighborhood, residents and visitors alike can enjoy how connected this area is to public transit.

Housing affordability has been a major cause of concern for many homebuyers around the country. And although the era of unusually affordable housing has ended. According to the company’s latest analysis, El Paso, Texas, is the nation’s most affordable housing market of the year makes it easy to sell and El Paso home for a quick cash.

In this metro, 89% of homes for sale are affordable on the national median income, which currently sits around $61,400. This means that about nine out of every 10 homes is available to the housing market’s average homebuyer. In fact, the average income in El Paso has grown by 16% from 2014 to 2017. However, income growth has increased by only 9% for the rest of Texas and 12% for the nation overall.

As people see their incomes rise, the first change they often make is buying a home or upgrading to a bigger, better one. El Paso’s affordability, combined with its outlook for continued home price growth, makes it a really attractive place for first-time homebuyers looking to increase their wealth through El Paso Home sales because of the equity in the home.