Selling your house can be a confusing and difficult process, especially if you need to do it fast.

At Sell My House Fast, we’ll help educate you on the process and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We are solutions providers.

Here’s our process to help you get your home sold fast.

1. Contact & Property Info

The process begins when you fill out the contact form with your basic property details, or call/text our toll free number to provide your information.

2. Speedy Follow-up

Based on the information you give us, one of the local real estate professionals in our network will contact you, usually within 10 minutes. We’ll ask you additional details about your home, and schedule a time to come visit.

3. A Fast, Fair Offer – Plus Options

We realize that every situation is unique.  After evaluating your home, our local professional will present you with options that fit your needs.  These may include:
– An all-cash offer with a quick closing and no repairs needed
– A quick-sale listing to help you sell fast on the open market
– A short-sale if you are behind in your mortgage payments
– Assistance with repairs needed prior to selling

4. Quick, No-Hassle Closing

If you accept an all cash offer for your home, we can work with you on a move out date that is convenient for you and close at a time of your choosing.